When I had first learned of Natchez Glen, all I could think is what a neat idea! I hadn’t ever heard of a flower farm you could go to and pick your own flowers, let alone there being one right here in Nashville. So you better believe I called my good friend Hannah up and planned a trip ASAP.

Upon arriving, I was welcomed by thousands of flowers and the most beautiful whimsical blue home. This place looks nothing short of a fairytale! The owner Steve is well educated about all things flowers but also has such a kind heart. He helped us pick out which ones we wanted (there are 120 different varieties) and answered all of our many questions. I learned a lot about flowers from Steve while I was there but one thing I thought was fascinating was this. The element that makes the flowers smell pretty is the same element that makes the flowers petals heavy and fall off. For this reason, commercial flowers have had this element essentially bread out, and that’s why store florals are not as potent. So as you can imagine I was taken back by how beautiful Natchez Glen’s florals smell, it’s like literally smelling a perfume bottle. I was also amazed by the thickness of the stems. They have bread them to be extra strong so they can stand up tall and pretty. You will even get to see a few very rare trees that they have on location!

Coming from the wedding industry, I can’t help but think of the endless possibilities Natchez Glen has. It would be perfect for a bridal tea, rehearsal dinner, or who knows, this may even become the new Nashville proposal hotspot!

If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend stopping by this unique place! For only $50 you are able to go experience this "Instagramable" garden and take home 20-25 stems! I’m also excited that they have partnered with other Nashville creatives to start having dinner parties. I will definitely be joining in on some of those! To schedule your appointment and/or buy tickets to a dinner party go to




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